Destin Florida Beaches


The greater Destin area features over 24 miles of spectacular sugar-white sandy beaches. Here is why our beaches are arguably the “Most Beautiful Beaches in the World”.

The white sand that is found on our beaches is actually from the Appalachian Mountains, comprised of quartz that is thousands of years old, giving the sand its reflective properties that help keep our sand so cool in the blazing hot summer sun. From the sugar-white sands, the brilliant emerald green water of the Gulf, and of course the spectacular sunsets, Destin’s beaches are truly a beach-lovers dream.

Destin Beach Access Points

O’Steen Public Beach
O’Steen Beach Access is located on Gulf Shore Dr on Holiday Isle. O’Steen Public Beach is accessed through a sandy walkway just off Gulf Shore Drive north of Norriego Point. The summer crowds here might seem confusing since there is very limited parking but it is due in part to the fact that many people arrive at this beach by boat from Destin harbor. If you are not arriving by boat, be prepared for the somewhat long walk from the street parking out to the beach. O’Steen Beach is where you will find The Destin Jetties which are huge boulders stretching out into the water. The swimming area right next to the jetties is some of the best snorkeling in Destin so bring your mask and snorkel to this beach with you. The jetties are also a good fishing spot and the rocks make beautiful backdrops for photos. Open from dawn to dusk. Call 850-837-4242 for more information.

Norriego Point Beach Access and Park
Norriego Point is a white sand peninsula located at the end of Gulf Shore Drive on Holiday Isle. It is different from most beach areas in Destin because it is not directly on the Gulf of Mexico. One side of Norriego Point is located on Destin harbor and the other side sits on the East Pass which leads out to the Gulf of Mexico. This beach area has plenty of beautiful scenery and areas to walk around and explore. You can watch boats cruising by on the harbor and take in the view and sounds of Harborwalk Village. The scenery is further enhanced by the sand dunes, sea oats, and wooden fences all over Norriego Point which make beautiful backdrops to photos. You are bound to see plenty of blue heron and other birds out here as well. There are some inlets of water protected by jetties here that make for nice calm swimming areas on the East Pass side. Some people do swim on the harbor side beach area but just be careful to watch for boats coming and going. Norriego Point is a popular area for boaters who can beach their boats along the shore on the harbor side to hang out awhile.  Many people also come to Norriego Point by Kayak or Paddle Board. There is even a Water Taxi stop on Norriego Point so you can come or go here from anywhere on Destin Harbor Boardwalk.

 Beach Condition Flag Warnings

A very important part of going to the beach is to be very aware of the current beach conditions in your area. These conditions can vary from beach access to beach access and it is up to you to know and understand what these are. The Emerald Coast of NW Florida employs a colored flag system that will advise beachgoers of the current water conditions.  Along with dangerous Rip currents, which are powerful currents of water moving away from shore. These are problems for even the strongest swimmers, who can be swept out to sea. If you are caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the shore until the current weakens, then swim in. 

Here below is the Flag Warning Chart – this can be found on all the local beach accesses.