The anticipated Norriego Point renovations and improvements are on schedule to be finished by the end of 2021. The many new additions include a boardwalk, dune crossovers, restrooms, and many other amenities. Those and other public-use additions will be added to the city park in the third and final phase of a more than $12 million transformation of Norriego Point that began in October 2017.

The initial first phase of the project included the sand dredging of the East Pass, restoration of over 1,000 feet of beaches, and multiple cove-like areas for swimmers along the East Pass side of Norriego Point. The next phase included the planting of about 28,000 square feet of sea oats and other dune vegetation that will help stabilize the dunes and provide a living habitat and a food source for birds and other local wildlife. The third and final phase will include the construction of an 8-foot-wide, ADA-accessible boardwalk that will be installed approximately  30 feet from the shoreline and extend along the entire Destin Harborside of Norriego Point.

Norriego Point Destin Florida

The new boardwalk will extend from the entrance to Norriego Point off Gulf Shore Drive up to its northern tip, where it will then curve around and go farther inland and end at the northernmost embayment. People that need to use wheelchairs will have a 50-foot-long flexible and removable mat that allows them to cross over the soft sand.

At the end of this new boardwalk, there will be a pavilion, offering a spot for people to sit and enjoy magnificent waterfront views. And still more additions are in the works, such as three dune crossovers featuring access stairs and will branch off of the new boardwalk. This will allow beach-goers the opportunity to safely cross the protected dunes leaving the new vegetation un-disturbed. And at the end of the new crossovers, benches will be put in place to allow visitors amazing views of the Destin Harbor and the East Pass!

And to top this new expansive renovation there will be a new pavilion, equipped with showers and handicapped-equipped restrooms. This will be constructed at the South end of Norriego Point right next to an up-coming new access road with sidewalks and additional parking spots. 

We applaud these most anticipated and needed additions to help locals and tourists alike enjoy the many natural wonders that we are blessed to have along our incredible beaches and waterways.