We have all seen the parasailers soaring against the jet blue sky when on vacation here in Destin. Many of us have enjoyed the excitement and wonder of flying high over our emerald green waters.

This got me to wondering, how did parasailing start, and who thought that strapping you to a parachute a towing it behind a boat would be a great idea?

So I began to dig and here is what I found out.

This whole parasailing thing started as a way to train parachutists more efficiently and cheaper than using an airplane. It was developed by Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne in 1962.

Then in 1974, Mark McCulloh invented the first self-contained parasail launch and recovery vessel that is basically the same system that is in use today.

In early 1976, Brian Gaskin designed, created, and tested the first 16-gore canopy design which he named “Waterbird”. Since then the majority of parasailing providers have used this design. In the late 1990s, Gasking was again involved with chute design and came up with one that could handle more weight and offer more stability. This advancement along with Florida passing the White-Miskell Act which added strict regulations parasailing companies must follow including obtaining an insurance policy, and restrictions on parasailing in inclement weather, have made parasailing much safer and enjoyable.

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